mandag 12. november 2012


Making a new design means one has to test out some idèas first. For example: how does the yarn work with different sizes of needles? Or what pattern and which technique works with different types of yarn? Can I make a pocket, does that work on this design? And what about the collar?
I keep this in mind whenever I knit for babies. Knitting a mini-garment is a great way of testing things out. Although certain things works out very differently on adult wear and baby wear, I still get an image on how to bring my experience from the mini version into the adult sized garment.

This little jacket is one of my tests. Although it is a very simple design, I wanted to see how the yarn worked with raglan sleeve and press buttons. A collar seemed like too much for a little one, so I will have to deal with that issue when I knit this model for myself. The rib knit makes it thick, soft and light. I can only imagine how cozy it will be on a cold winter's day!

Madicken in her knitted jacket to the left, via TVminnen 
The inspiration for this jacket came when I watched the film Madicken, which is based on a story written by Astrid Lindgren. I happened to have some of this yarn in my stash, and needed only two skeins to make a size 3-6 months (using another cardi for measuring). With European needle size 5,5 as recommended for this yarn, I knitted from the top. To me that is the best way when knitting raglan sleeves. This yarn is loosely spun and can also be felted. When the little jacket was finished, I washed it by hand, carefully rubbing it in foamy soap to soften the fibers a bit. I will note down and share instructions for the adult version!

PS: Next time I knit this jacket for a baby, it will be slightly shorter, but have longer arms to fold up if needed. 


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  1. Den var vel søt, kunne tenkt meg en selv! mabs

  2. Denne elsker vi! Min lille jente var den heldige mottaker av denne og vi bruker den HELE tiden :)