søndag 18. november 2012


So..here's a tip on how to impress with something quite easy, making it look really difficult..if you feel the need to. 

I did mention earlier in this post that I don't like knitting lace. I still feel the same, if not stronger after struggling and making mistakes with the spider's web project. But despite my lace frustration I have managed to finish a scarf, and actually had quite fun doing it!
I wanted to find one technique that looks like lace, but is easy enough for me to do. With lace you often have to repeat a series of several varying rows to make one section of the pattern. But the one I have used to make this scarf has only one! The only variation is how many stitches you knit (2 and 3) before you start knitting the pattern on the right side of the project. This is all you need to create the pattern, and after a while you might even remember what to do without looking at the instructions. Again, the pattern ("vine lace") is picked from Barbara Walkers knitting treasury.


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