onsdag 2. januar 2013


Image from LIFE Magazine

Happy new year to you all! I hope you've had a nice holiday. Maybe you even managed to do some knitting? I think I knitted three stitches in total, as we've been busy visiting family and being ill. I'm just about back in shape now, and I'm ready to get going on my projects again. A few weeks ago I was getting a bit frustrated about the amount of projects going on at the same time. They clog up on me, as I like having a few going on at the same time for variation. But too many just keeps me from finishing any at all, so I decided on having a New Year's resolution. I am going to be better at focusing on, and finishing my projects. I will ignore my restlessness, and keep going! Right now I have quite a pile of work waiting for me, so there should be some finished garments popping up here sometime soon.


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