onsdag 7. november 2012


A friend gave me this ball of yarn, but there was no label on it. I think it might be goat hair, as it is very stiff and tightly spun, a thin yarn of long, natural white and grey hairs. Since this ball has no matching partner, what is better than makin a narrow, open laced scarf to make the most out of it? So I am challenging myself with the Starlight lace, which can be found in this book by Barbara Walker. The book is number two out of four books presenting a great collection of lace, cables and other techniques. Very useful if you make your own design, or just want to learn more about knitting.

Although I don't hate knitting lace, I don't love it either.. I can't watch the tellie or be social while doing it! Instead I have to keep my nose down into a book and at all times keep track on which row I'm on, phew! Some laces are easy, especially when they only require two varying rows. But many laces have more than 10 rows of different technique, which makes me stay as far away from them as possible! Wish me luck on this one...

The stiffness of this yarn makes a very interesting effect, it could probably look like a spiders web in a more open pattern. I look forward to finish, block, and maybe even steam iron it to make it nice and flat. Cross fingers for great amounts of patience the next few days!


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